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A Rambler’s Manifesto

First, a little about why I’m doing this and what I hope to get out of it ( selfishly):


  • I’m a copycat – Seriously. Several good friends of mine now have blogs and I hadn’t ever considered the idea until they started theirs. Horrible of me? Quite possibly. But nevertheless, here I am.
  • It’s good for me – I used to be pretty decent at writing and public speaking. That’s what happens when you’re a high school speech & debate nerd.  Sadly, it only took 6 years of engineering education (i.e. zero verbal/writing practice) to lose it. Extremely sad. The stage fright is back with a vengeance and my grammar/sentence structure has slid into a sorry state. With this blog, I’ll attempt to regain some of my writing skills and get over my perpetual case of writer’s block. Please feel free to call me out any grammatical errors. It’s good for me.
  • A note on deletion – If blogging is anything like journaling, you should know that I have a tendency to re-read old entries and delete them out of embarrassment.  Either due to the subject matter or my phrasing. I’m going to try REALLY hard not to do this…but if you come across a half-baked post and wonder why on earth I’d let people read it, just know that I’m dying to take it down. Really dying.


  • Posting frequency – I’m going to force myself to post at least once a week. However, I’m hoping I’ll be so enamored by blogging that I’ll want to post often. Perhaps even daily!
  • Posting Scope – Everything is fair game here.  I will be rambling, as promised. However, I’ll try to stay away from personal sob stories. Those are fun for no one. My main intention is to share my love of knitting, needlepoint, and all things crafty.
  • Readership – Initially, I’m only going to tell a few of my friends about this blog. My hope is that I’ll gain some new friends in the blogosphere that share my love of crafts and have an active, ongoing dialogue with them. This feels a little like the first day at a new high school.
  • A note on privacy – The people I mention in this blog didn’t ask to be mentioned and perhaps aren’t aware of it, so I’ve changed their names. Fair enough?

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