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On Deck

Remember how I mentioned that I knit? I realize this must be difficult to believe, since I’ve neglected to post anything about it. Here’s a little teaser about the projects (knitting and otherwise) I’m currently working on and will be posting about soon:

  • Glittens¬† – that’s gloves with a mitten flap…and yes I realize it’s way past winter for them to be useful now. I came up with my own pattern for this one [READ: lots of frogging]; it’s been an adventure.
  • T-Shirt Quilt – I was going to do a super simple block quilt from my husband’s t-shirts that he doesn’t wear, but doesn’t want to give up…and then I found this posting on CraftStylish [which I LOVE].¬† My plan is now to shamelessly copy Ms. Kern’s design aesthetic. If I knew anything about quilting (this will be my first!), I would be much more adventurous.
  • T-Shirt Rug – Since I’ll have tons of t-shirt scraps from the quilt, I was inspired by yet another CraftStylish post to turn them into a crocheted rug.

Please realize that the latter two will take loads of time to finish [especially since I don’t know what I’m doing] but I’ll post milestone updates.


Two years ago, the farm purchased a peacock to put on display for the suburbanites in the area. After the farm closed to the public, the peacock was released along with several guinea hens. We assumed the birds would hightail it into the forest never to be seen again. But as it turns out, the peacock and his harem of hens (sadly, no peahens)¬† have stuck around. They wander about the farm and return to their old cage to roost at night. I’ve tried to get some good photos, but they’re nearly impossible to find when you want them. A friend took this [more to follow]:


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