On Deck

Remember how I mentioned that I knit? I realize this must be difficult to believe, since I’ve neglected to post anything about it. Here’s a little teaser about the projects (knitting and otherwise) I’m currently working on and will be posting about soon:

  • Glittens  – that’s gloves with a mitten flap…and yes I realize it’s way past winter for them to be useful now. I came up with my own pattern for this one [READ: lots of frogging]; it’s been an adventure.
  • T-Shirt Quilt – I was going to do a super simple block quilt from my husband’s t-shirts that he doesn’t wear, but doesn’t want to give up…and then I found this posting on CraftStylish [which I LOVE].  My plan is now to shamelessly copy Ms. Kern’s design aesthetic. If I knew anything about quilting (this will be my first!), I would be much more adventurous.
  • T-Shirt Rug – Since I’ll have tons of t-shirt scraps from the quilt, I was inspired by yet another CraftStylish post to turn them into a crocheted rug.

Please realize that the latter two will take loads of time to finish [especially since I don’t know what I’m doing] but I’ll post milestone updates.

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