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Straight Needle Case & A Note on Hems

I have great collection of straight needles (mostly metal) that I inherited from my grandmother, but ever since I started using my new Harmony wood interchangeables, these old friends have been a bit neglected. I’d never dream of getting rid of them, but needed a way to keep them tucked together and stored safely – so I made a roll-up needle case.

Here’s a view of the inside (should have ironed…):Needle Case Inside

My plan was to make a flap for the shorter needles, but they seem to stay in place when it’s all rolled up so I let it be (my sewing skills aren’t the best, so why push it?). I opted for the large pockets to hold several needles at once, but there’s plenty of space to sew up individual pockets for each pair if I get annoyed with the chaos.

Also note that I added a layer of bamboo batting between the two layers of fabric to give the case some substance. I love it!

Needle Case Rolled Up


Before I end this post (and on a random side-note), I’d like to give a shout-out to Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire – I used her tutorial on how to hem jeans last night and was incredibly impressed. Her tutorial was simple, easy to follow and a WAY better approach to hems than I had learned as a kid. My jeans look fabulous…and fit perfectly!

Knitted Dress

Some close friends are getting married in September and they’ve requested that their guests wear semi-formal attire. My husband is the best man, so the bride is calling the shots on his outfit…but what do I wear? After much thought, I decided to make my own dress. My sewing skills are less than awesome, so I decided to go with what I know how to do well. And in a momentary lapse of insanity, I decided to knit myself a dress. I found a lovely (free!) pattern by Gudrun Johnston for The Little Black Dress that’s simply adorable.

I’m making progress, though slowly. This is a rather ambitious project for me because I have the attention span of a 5 yr old.¬† I keep joking with my husband about how much of me will be covered at the wedding – so far it’s my shoulders, upper back, and about 1/4 of my boobs. My deadline is September 12th – Wish me luck!

Dress in progress

A closeup on the detail (and yet not such a great photo):

Dress Detail


I color. As in, coloring books. I guess I just never grew out of it. At 12 I was that obnoxious kid who entered coloring contests at the local public library – perfect shading, realistic skin tones…and way the hell too old to be doing it. Obnoxious!

I’ve given up the contests but still enjoy curling up with a coloring book. It’s totally therapeutic; a great stress reliever. But then again, I’m neurotic enough to get-off on coloring inside the lines. Still obnoxious, but now in private.

I’ve been working with a box of colored pencils for a few years now and really needed a new set. So while I was at Target earlier this week, I scanned the back-to-school section and found these beauties (and a box to put them in):

Crayola twistable colored pencils

Twistable colored pencils?! No sharpening? I couldn’t wait to try them, so I pulled out one of my many small child / tween coloring books. My husband loves to buy them for me. I mean LOVES. The more juvenile the better; he thinks it’s HILARIOUS.

I’m told that “adult” coloring books exist¬† – you know, the ones with ultra-realistic Native American scenes that you buy in museum gift shops, the ones that no self-respecting 7 yr old would find remotely interesting. But sadly, I have about 300 pages of Elmo and Princess Jasmine to get through first.


I love these things! Easy to use, retractable, lots of colors. Very nice.

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