Did I mention we have llamas?

Yes, there are also llamas on the farm these days! My father-in-law bought them a couple weeks ago. As soon as I found out about them, I got very excited about the fiber producing possiblities. Unfortunately, though, their coats are COMPLETELY matted and would have to be sheared off and grown out again before I could use their fiber. I tried to cozy up to them so I could do just that, but they remain slightly unfriendly and – well – aloof. Hubby and I have been able to trick them into letting us touch their necks while we feed them grass, but after a quick pat they pull away.

We’re going to keep trying, but I think it may be quite a while before we can finally coax them into letting us shear them.

The Llamas

From right to left they are: Pedro, Napoleon, and Tina. Aren’t they cute (in that ugly sort of way)?


3 Responses to “Did I mention we have llamas?”

  1. 1 Stina 2009 September 15 at 8:37 pm

    have you been spit on yet?!?

  1. 1 Llamas Sheared « Ramble on Rosemary Trackback on 2010 June 13 at 10:48 pm

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