Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today is my maternal grandmother’s 84th birthday. She (and my late grandfather) were very involved in raising me as a small child and I’ve always loved her very dearly. When I was young, she would knit the most amazing dolls complete with petticoats and rosy cheeks. She taught me to knit when I was 6 or 7 and eventually passed on her needles, patterns, and notions to me when her hands became too arthritic and her sight too poor.

I have several vivid memories as a child that involved her taking care of me when I was sick. I’d wake up in the middle of the night with a persistent cough and she’d come in my room, grab a sock out of my drawer and safety-pin it around my neck. In a few minutes, my cough would be gone and I’d be fast asleep again. I’ve used this sock trick MANY times throughout my adult life. It’s not exactly pretty, but it works well.

In these later years, my grandma has had an intermittent cough, which has kept a sock around her neck frequently. So for her birthday, I thought I’d knit her a neckwarmer as an alternative that’s stylish, but still not as bulky as a scarf – maybe something she would wear to church.  I used the simple, yet pretty Cashmere Cuff pattern by Jessica Vaughan with Berroco Inca Gold (an 80% merino wool / 20% silk blend) to give warmth and softness.

Grandma's Cowl


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Grandma!”

  1. 2 finnyknits 2010 February 1 at 11:49 pm

    Wow! I’m honored that you’d make this cuff for your Grandma – I do hope she enjoys it. You did a spectacular job. It’s perfect!

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