Niddy Noddy

As I recently found out, niddy noddys are devices used by spinners to wind their handspun into skeins for finishing (washing & drying to set the twist).  They are typically made of wood and often cost $15+. Here’s an Ashford model:

ashfordNNWhen it came time to  skein the wool I spun with the drop spindle, I decided to make my own niddy noddy using PVC pipe from the local hardware store, instead. For a grand total of $3.18, I came up with a good working model that gives me a skein circumference of 5′ (1.5m). I used 3 pipes of ~18″ length and 1/2″ diameter (I asked the hardware store to saw two of them in half) and two 1/2″ union cross couplers (I couldn’t find any union tees). Here’s what it looks like:


PVC NN Closeup

Next I’ll finish the yarn by washing in hot water (no agitation): 1 soaking with soap, 1 rinse soak, 1 vinegar soak (1/4 cup) and 1 final rinse soak – 10 or 15 min each.

There are 15 wraps of yarn around the niddy noddy, which means I have 75 ft (or 25 yds) of fiber. Not very much… I’m not entirely sure what I’ll make with it. It’s a little scratchy for baby items, so maybe an ipod case? Beer cozy? I’m definitely open to suggestion!


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