Spoils from the Fall Fiber Festival in Orange County, VA

Went to the Fall Fiber Festival on Saturday with several of my Tuesday-night knitting group buddies. The day was SPECTACULAR – beautiful weather and LOADS of yummy fiber in every stage of prep.


Many of the fiber animals also came to this festival including this adorable angora bunny (which I had to restrain myself from purchasing):

Angora Rabbit

All said and done, I came away with loads of roving and some washed (& dyed) sheep wool. Here’s a closer look:

Fall Harvest Roving

Above is 4 Oz. of “Fall Harvest” roving from Persimmon Tree Farm that’s a 40% wool, 50% mohair, 10% alpaca blend. Absolutely luxurious! Lately I’ve been going for blue, green, green/blue color schemes, but decided to break out of the mold and go for a more “mature” color palate with this roving.

Creatively Dyed Yarn RovingThis (above) is 8 oz of roving from Creatively Dyed Yarn and is a blend of wool, bamboo, and seacell (as you can see from the tag). I’ve been lusting after roving from this company since last year – I was so happy they were at the festival again.  It’s so gorgeous, I almost don’t want to spin it!

Wool / Tencel Roving

Next are two 4 oz. packages of a 70% merino wool, 30% tencel roving from The Drafting Zone in Bowie, MD (no website). I fell completely in love with the colors and the wonderful softness. I imagine spinning it up like Jil Eaton’s Minnow Merino (a thick worsted 1-ply)… if somehow I can manage to create a yarn, rather than just getting whatever comes out 🙂

I also bought some washed (& dyed) Coopworth fleece from Wild ‘n’ Wooly Farm to combine with my goats’ mohair for spinning:

Coopworth fleece

I figure the multicolored variety will blend nicely with either Hamlet or Ivan’s mohair, while the blue/black will go well with Hamlet’s charcoal grey, and the white can be blended with Ivan’s silvery-grey and dyed a different color. But we’ll see how it really works out.

Along those lines, I also bought hand carders to get started with this fiber blending (very exciting!):


I think I had a great haul at this year’s festival and I’m very excited to get spinning on my little drop spindle!


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