My Very First Skein

Over the weekend, I washed and dried the wool I  skeined last week. It kept twisting up on itself – pretty sure I over spun it! Oh well, it’s my first try.

For the washing, I placed the skein in a clean bucket and soaked 4 times: 1 with soap, 1 rinse (water only), 1 vinegar (1/4 cup) with water, and 1 final rinse – 10 min per soak in HOT water with no agitation.

For drying I devised this setup (the ‘T’ weighing down the skein is part of the PVC niddy noddy):

Skein drying

It was dry after 12 hrs (or so) of hanging and MUCH less twisty. At one point I rotated the skein 90 degrees, so that the yarn under the ‘T’ could dry properly.  Here’s the final hank:

Finished Hank

Finished Hank Closeup

You can see that some sections of yarn are all curled up on themselves, definitely overspun but not too terribly, I think. I also didn’t spin very even yarn thicknesses – they range from sport or fingering to bulky – so I’m going to take an average and say it’s Aran weight. I should probably knit a swatch to confirm this…but it seems a little silly, since I barely have enough yarn to make one!

So the next question is what to make with it? I’m leaning toward this To Go coffee cup cozy. It says it requires 25 – 50 yds of yarn. Hopefully it’s more like 25!


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