Spinning Lesson

Last night, I had my first crack at spinning on a castle-style spinning wheel. I was connected with its lovely owner (who graciously invited me to her house to try it out) through a friend from my Tuesday-night knitting group. And let me tell you, dear readers, it’s not as easy as it looks! I had quite a time trying to draft, spin (but not over spin), and remember to feed the spun yarn onto the bobbin – all while making sure the wheel was turning the correct way. Yikes! I wasn’t actually successful in spinning the merino / tencel roving I brought with me, but it was a valuable learning experience, and my new spinner friend offered to let me return and spin with her another time (she actually has two wheels).

If nothing else, I’m more determined to figure out how the hell people spin so nicely. And so, of course, I’m scouring craigslist & Etsy looking for an affordable spinning wheel of my very own (hopefully hubby isn’t reading this!). There’s so much to consider – tension mechanism, drive ratios, etc. I need to sit down sometime and figure out the physics; right now it’s magic. And maybe, just maybe, if I can figure it out exactly how it works… I could make my own? Getting ahead of myself, as usual.

Anyhow, after my spinning lesson, I went home and pulled out my drop spindle to get some of the spinning satisfaction I had been looking forward to all day. It’s MUCH slower, but I get the feeling that practicing on my little spindle is going to be tremendously helpful in learning to spin with a wheel.

Spindling Merino / Tencel


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