Hearty Veggie Stew

I’ve been vegetarian for the last 10 yrs (though I eat fish very occasionally); hubby’s been vegetarian for even longer and doesn’t really remember what meat tastes like. I do remember – and there’s not much I miss from my meat-eating life that I haven’t found some veggie substitute for, but one notable exception has been beef stew. Few things are so satisfying on a cold day – like being wrapped in a blanket of comfort and heartiness.

I’ve finally found a good veggie version with the rib-sticking qualities of a real stew AND Guinness Stout (another cold weather favorite). The recipe can be found here. If you do not like Guinness, you will NOT like this stew. A few notes: I highly recommend using only 1 bottle of Guinness with the veggie broth (one bottle is plenty of Guinness flavor, even for someone that loves it); I used quite a bit of salt 1-2 tablespoons, and I added some paprika (~1/2 tbsp); I also used tempeh instead of seitan. I added one 8 oz package of Soy Boy 5 Grain Tempeh – it didn’t hold together well in the soup, but I didn’t think that was a big problem. This is what the package looks like:


Here’s a shot of the stew just after I got all the ingredients assembled:

Uncooked Stew

And after cooking (approx 45min later) – the grains you see are from the tempeh that’s fallen apart. I’ve also added lots of pepper (coarsely ground):

Cooked Stew

Delicious! And hubby seemed to like it, as well (he’s a tough crowd sometimes), so I’m calling this a very yummy success.


3 Responses to “Hearty Veggie Stew”

  1. 1 Stina 2009 October 26 at 3:54 pm

    Mike made me a delicious stew on Saturday except with turkey burger instead if tempeh. It was reminiscent of this, but no beer. It could be veg-ified with some ground boca tho. Gotta love the stew on a warm day!

  2. 2 rosemary 2009 October 26 at 9:07 pm

    Yum! Any chance Mike would give me his recipe?

  3. 3 Meghan 2009 October 28 at 5:52 am

    Yum! Murray is a vegetarian, so I am one by default (practically… unless we go out to eat). His “last meal”, so to speak, before he went veggie, like 15 years ago or something, was a steak. So he misses beef – he eats vicariously though me 🙂 This looks very interesting. We recently found soy beef strips to use in stir fry and they are actually really good! Now I just have to find some tempeh…

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