Getting Chilly

It’s been a really odd Fall – the weather got very cold a few weeks ago, then warmed up to the 70s for a while, and is finally getting back to chilly. The trees aren’t sure what to do with all this crazy weather, so our pretty fall colors have been a big flop. I took this photo on campus today – you can see that some trees are bare, others are still green, and a few are in fiery Autumn colors:

Fall 2009

But the good news is that it’s finally cold enough to start using the fireplace at my apartment near campus (sadly, no fireplace at the farm). Have I mentioned my love of fireplaces yet? Love.


Can you see the face?


2 Responses to “Getting Chilly”

  1. 1 Meghan 2009 November 6 at 7:49 am

    I didn’t realise you stay in Charlottesville as well. The apartment – the fireplace! – looks so cosy 🙂

    We have had ours on too, and it just plain makes me happy.

  2. 2 rosemary 2009 November 6 at 12:23 pm

    Unfortunately, school is a 2 hr drive from the farm; I tried going back and forth every day for a while…but 4 hrs of driving per day just wasn’t sustainable for me (and is bad for the earth!). So by and large, I’m at school during the week and drive back to the farm on the weekend to see Lucas. Totally crazy, but temporary – and he’s a good sport about it.

    Enjoy your fireplace 🙂

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