Recent FOs

It’s been a busy couple weeks at work / school so I haven’t been particularly prolific with my knitting, but I did manage to finish a couple items.

Here’s the toddler sweater I’ve been working on for my nephew (I last blogged about it here) – it’s called the Hooded Jacket from Debbie Bliss’s Simply Baby (Ravelry details here):

Second, I recently learned that some friends had their baby girl on Halloween so I whipped up a quick pair of baby legwarmers with some yarn I had in my stash (Ravelry details here):

That’s all for now. Hubby and I are heading out to Berkeley Springs, WV, (our favorite close-to-home getaway spot) this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll get some knitting done between spa treatments and yummy dinners. Ahhh, can’t wait!


2 Responses to “Recent FOs”

  1. 1 Meghan 2009 November 19 at 4:53 pm

    Aw lovely baby stuff! Love the bright (non-gender specific) colours. And baby legwarmers – how cool are those?!

    I’d never heard of Berekley Springs – it sounds really nice – enjoy yourselves!

  2. 2 rosemary 2009 November 20 at 12:47 pm

    I totally agree about the non-gender specific colors – it makes me so mad when people run to pink for girls and blue for boys!

    I’ll try to remember to take & post some pictures of Berkeley Springs. It’s a totally cool little hippy, artsy community in middle-of-nowhere WV, love it!

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