Goat Grooming

Apparently goats need their hooves trimmed now and again, so after much hemming and hawing and trepidation hubby and I set out to give Ivan and Hamlet their pedicures. Well…really, hubby did all the work while I helped keep the animals calm. He made fun of me several times for cooing to the goats as if they were small children – “There’s a good goat, yes you’re a good goat, aren’t you?” I can’t really blame him.

Here’s a shot of Ivan laying down (they really just plop over and relax if you ease them onto their side) while hubby trims his hooves and Hamlet (who’s next) stands in the back and pretends not to notice what’s going on:

We were expecting the hooves to be really hard (which is why I didn’t even bother trying), but hubby tells me the outer shell is quite hard, while the middle of the hoof is quite soft like – say – gummy bears… or jello! Sorry, dear readers, sometimes I can’t help but be a vegetarian menace and remind the meat eaters of the world that Jello (gelatin, that is) actually comes from animal hooves/bone. Yuck!

Here’s a (somewhat blurry) shot of Ivan’s hoof after trimming – the softer inner and harder outer parts are pretty evident:

All in all a pretty successful day!


2 Responses to “Goat Grooming”

  1. 1 Stina 2009 November 29 at 1:24 am

    Sorry, Hun. No menacing here. Every good cook knows you boil the bones of animals to get to that gelatinous goodness for great stocks 😉 As an individual that has seen my meal go from standing to table, hard to menace lil ole me 😉

  2. 2 rosemary 2009 November 29 at 11:39 am

    Damn! I’ll have to try harder next time 🙂

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