Blizzard Aftermath

We woke up to a bright, sunny day with nearly 2 ft deep snow everywhere. For some perspective, here is the picnic table across the way from our barn – the first shot was taken yesterday morning; the second was taken today:

Our trail to the goat pen:

The goats looked great –  nice and warm and happy to see us.  Hubby got this shot of me feeding Ivan with Hamlet in the background, as usual. Notice my ski goggles!

Also, our cat Luna is a serious snow adventurer:

We’re leaving in a couple days to spend the holidays with my family out West, so this is likely my last post for the next 2 weeks or so. Enjoy the holidays & have a happy new year!


2 Responses to “Blizzard Aftermath”

  1. 1 Meghan 2009 December 21 at 5:39 am

    Isn’t that cat cold?! Ours refuses to go out in snow (which makes for some unpleasant situations when she’s had too much water, if you know what I mean). The goats look cozy though! We had a tiny bit of snow, but I am looking forward to the heaps of it at home! Have fun out west – I’ll drop you a line when we’re in the states and hopefully we can catch up!

  2. 2 rosemary 2009 December 21 at 12:06 pm

    I think Luna may have a screw loose 🙂 She’s definitely not like the other cats on the farm who prefer to stay inside, as yours does. But it’s really fun to take walks with her through the snow. She’s more like a dog than a cat!

    Sounds good, can’t wait to (hopefully) see you guys! Have a safe trip!

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