Socks & Snow

Two big news items:

First, I finally finished the socks for my Aunt (raveled here). I really love how they turned out! Below is a photo before blocking – it looks like the feet are way too big and the legs are way too small, but they fit perfectly (yay!). Hopefully blocking will smooth out the wonkiness:

UPDATE (2/16/2010): I made my own sock blockers out of cardboard. The socks already look much better, even as they dry:

Second, we got LOADS of snow in Northern VA. Our second blizzard this winter dumped 32 inches and another system came by yesterday and dumped another 15″ or so. It is literally the snowiest year in our recorded history…which leaves us all wondering what is going on?!

Hubby and I went out to visit the goats on Saturday morning while the blizzard was still kicking. I decided to put my skis on for the trip to their pen – unfortunately, they were the downhill variety (why, oh why, didn’t I get into telemarking?), but still better than trudging through thigh-deep snow. Ivan was amused; Hamlet, not so much:

Hubby plowed a bit of their pen so they could move around freely, but Hamlet still decided to try walking through the deep stuff, nearly getting stuck:

They’re barely taller than the snow:

Ivan was in the mood to pose for portrait photos (isn’t he cute?):

I hope you all are staying warm and happy this winter.


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