Now You See Me Hat

I finished the bright orange hat from Kool-Aid dyed yarn for Lucas last week, but wanted to wait until I could photograph him in it before posting. I barely remembered to as I was running out the door this morning – the photos were rushed and as a result the lighting & location are poor. But nevertheless, here they are (notice the ribbed cuff is folded up – it’s a bit hard to tell):

Lucas seems to like it and it fits him generously, but not too loosely. That said, I did promise to post the pattern; it’s very simple. If you can knit in the round, you can easily knit this hat.

Now-You-See-Me Hat

US 7 DPNs / circular (or size to get gauge)
Gauge: 5.5 sts and 7 rows per inch
Approximately 150 yds of worsted weight yarn.

This hat generously fits a 24 inch circumference head (larger male) and is meant to be worn with the ribbed edge folded up. Please adjust number of cast-on stitches for a tighter fit or for smaller-sized heads, keeping the number of cast-on stitches a multiple of 4.

CO 120 sts. Join in the round being careful not to twist.

Begin working in a K2, P2 rib. Continue until 16 rows are knit (or approximately 2.25″ of ribbing).

Begin Stockinette portion of the cap. Knit all sts for 24 rows (approximately 3.5″).

Decrease to close the cap. *K15, place marker. Repeat from * until round is complete.
Decrease Row 1: *Knit until 2 sts before marker, K2tog, slip marker. Repeat from * until round is complete.
Decrease Row 2: Knit All
Repeat these two rows until 8 sts remain. *K2tog, repeat from * until round is complete (4 sts ).

Draw yarn through remaining stitches and secure. Weave in Ends.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the pattern – the project is Raveled here.


1 Response to “Now You See Me Hat”

  1. 1 meghanaf 2010 March 23 at 4:55 am

    A great simple hat pattern! I have some brothers who could each use one of these!

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