Comfort Knitting

Please excuse me, dear readers. I’ve been away from serious blogging for much longer than I had imagined. I got the unexpected news a few weeks ago that a good friend had been in a tragic accident and was in the hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a long road to recovery. Meghan and I have known her since childhood and were deeply saddened by the news of her injuries. We decided put aside our feelings of helplessness by doing what we could: we began to knit our friend a blanket that would brighten up her days in the ICU. Tragically, she passed away in the hospital on Memorial Day 2010, just over 8 weeks since her accident and 1 week after we had started the project. She was barely 26 yrs old and had a bright future ahead.

Once we recovered from our initial shock at her passing, we resumed knitting with the goal of finishing the blanket in time to give to our friend’s Mother at her memorial service later in June (near my farm).

Our portions of the blanket are raveled here (Meghan) and here (me). Meghan chose the lovely colors we used and assigned them to each hex; she gives more details about the project and perspective on our friend’s passing in this blog post.

I just finished my half of the blanket this morning (unblocked):

Note that my Ravelry listing includes a short synopsis of our modifications to the original pattern. Once I receive Meghan’s half from London (no pressure, Meghan. really!), I will assemble the two portions here in Virginia and attach a label that we designed.

Meghan and I agree that the simple act of knitting has done more to help us deal with our grief than we could have imagined. We started this project to bring comfort to our friend and finished it to bring comfort to ourselves and to the family she left behind.


2 Responses to “Comfort Knitting”

  1. 1 meghanaf 2010 June 24 at 5:30 pm

    It looks so great with the border (and the wavy edges). I can’t wait to see the finished project. I know Debbie’s mom is going to love it.

  1. 1 Closure « Ramble on Rosemary Trackback on 2010 July 20 at 7:09 pm

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