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Gift Knitting

I’ve finally finished a few gifts recently. They were all fairly small, satisfyingly quick items:

Made from the Cable Braided Necklace pattern by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I agree with Olga that it’s worth splurging on a bit of cashmere or cashmere blended yarn. It feels so heavenly! I definitely want to make one for myself.


These Norwegian-inspired mittens were a belated Christmas gift for my little sister. I began them while in Norway, but didn’t finish them until just before a visit to my family in early Feb. Just in time! I added her initials to the palm of both mittens (though I’ve only shown the first one). Raveled here.


That all for now, but I’ll have more to share soon!

I’m back! Sort of.

Hello, dear readers! Huge apologies for my long absence – life has been going at break-neck speed, and I’m afraid that pace will continue for the next year or two. I returned from Norway in early January and am back at grad school in the States. I should graduate by May 2012, so this is the home stretch! Unfortunately, that means I have less free time for knitting & crafting. I’ll continue to update this blog when I have something to say / share, but I’m afraid my posts will be infrequent until graduation happens. After that I’ll devote loads of time to my crafty side – I hope you’ll bear with me in the mean time!

One of the few projects I managed to finish while in Norway (though I started tons), was the Simple Yet Effective cowl in Handmaiden 4-ply cashmere, which I purchased while visiting my friend Meghan in London last November. It’s an understatement to say that this is the softest thing I’ve ever worn around my neck. And so warm!

The colors remind me of the sunsets in Tucson. I went to college there and will always have a spot in my heart for it…but I digress. Here are a few cowl-wearing action shots from this winter:

Keeping me warm and stylish on a particularly cold walk to work in Norway.

Alright, that’s it for now. I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to 2011 – crafting and otherwise!

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