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Hello, dear readers. I have been working on a post to explain my long absence from the blog, but I must interrupt with some breaking news. I won the This American Life App giveaway at not martha! I occasionally enter these giveaways, but have never had the good fortune of winning – until now. And a TAL item, too. What luck! A huge thanks to Megan of not martha, whose website I love – lots of wonderful tutorials, recipes, and general awesomeness.

I’ve been a huge TAL fan for years. In my opinion, it’s hands down the best radio show out there – and I listen to a lot of NPR! I download the podcast every Monday morning and let Ira Glass & the TAL crew entertain me on the long drive from the farm to grad school. If you have never listened to This American Life, I highly recommend it. You can download the weekly podcast from iTunes or listen on your local public radio station each weekend. If you like TAL and listen to it regularly, I also highly recommend you make a donation ($5, $10, anything) to keep them in business. Happy listening!

MS&W, Norway & Stash Busting

I was in Annapolis, MD last weekend for a wedding and decided to go to the nearby Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival before the ceremony on Saturday. I left Annapolis with a friend at around 10am – by 12:30p we were 1 mile away from the venue in HORRENDOUS traffic. It was moving maybe 2 miles / hr. We did some mental math and ultimately decided that if we got into a major traffic jam leaving the festival we would almost certainly miss the wedding – Not cool. So we turned around and went out for a nice lunch. I was SUPER bummed, but it was a good lesson. LEAVE EARLY!

One good thing to come out of MS&W (however indirectly) was the 40% off sale at my LYS in anticipation of the festival. I scooped up 7 skeins of lovely Malabrigo Merino Worsted, which I have always wanted to knit with, in a pretty sea-foam green.

Definitely going to knit sweater. The wheels are turning on pattern selection…

Now to completely switch topics: I got a fun piece of news a few weeks ago. I’ll be going to Norway for 5 months this year (August – December) to do research for my PhD. I’m going to be in a town called Trondheim, which is about half way up the country’s western coast. It’s going to be SUPER cold, but the photos I have seen are gorgeous and there appear to be loads of museums and galleries. However, I need to finish LOADS of projects between now and August.  To keep my wandering eyes from getting off-track (see Malabrigo above!), I’m placing myself on a craft spending freeze. NO new yarn or craft materials, except for those required to finish existing projects or those on the Resolution list. Hold me to this, dear readers!

PS – Please excuse the infrequent posting these days. I have lots of irons in the fire, but no finished objects – yet. Stay tuned!

1 yr old and still an April fool

March 30 was the 1 yr anniversary of this blog – I can’t believe it’s already been a year! And incidentally, one of my first posts was about April Fools Day and how I always get fooled. This year I was legitimately “had” by Franklin Habit of The Panopticon, who is one of my very favorite knitting bloggers. He posts once every two weeks or so, less frequently than most craft bloggers – I literally squeal every time my Google Reader registers a new item from him. Anyhow, he tricked me with this post yesterday. I was SO excited for a Scorsese flick about Elizabeth Zimmerman. Totally believable, right???

Second, did anyone notice the red button that showed up in the bottom left corner of Ravelry yesterday???

It was just asking to be pushed – so naturally, I did. And then it jumped to the top of the page and appeared with a kitten?!:

And then I pushed it again to see what would happen (clearly) – and everything from the page began to fold up and disappear:

And I was left with a tiled screen full of angry bunnies!!!! What on earth?!

Oh, Ravelry, you’re so silly! Hope you all had a nice (dupe-free) April Fools Day!

A Rambler’s Manifesto

First, a little about why I’m doing this and what I hope to get out of it ( selfishly):


  • I’m a copycat – Seriously. Several good friends of mine now have blogs and I hadn’t ever considered the idea until they started theirs. Horrible of me? Quite possibly. But nevertheless, here I am.
  • It’s good for me – I used to be pretty decent at writing and public speaking. That’s what happens when you’re a high school speech & debate nerd.  Sadly, it only took 6 years of engineering education (i.e. zero verbal/writing practice) to lose it. Extremely sad. The stage fright is back with a vengeance and my grammar/sentence structure has slid into a sorry state. With this blog, I’ll attempt to regain some of my writing skills and get over my perpetual case of writer’s block. Please feel free to call me out any grammatical errors. It’s good for me.
  • A note on deletion – If blogging is anything like journaling, you should know that I have a tendency to re-read old entries and delete them out of embarrassment.  Either due to the subject matter or my phrasing. I’m going to try REALLY hard not to do this…but if you come across a half-baked post and wonder why on earth I’d let people read it, just know that I’m dying to take it down. Really dying.


  • Posting frequency – I’m going to force myself to post at least once a week. However, I’m hoping I’ll be so enamored by blogging that I’ll want to post often. Perhaps even daily!
  • Posting Scope – Everything is fair game here.  I will be rambling, as promised. However, I’ll try to stay away from personal sob stories. Those are fun for no one. My main intention is to share my love of knitting, needlepoint, and all things crafty.
  • Readership – Initially, I’m only going to tell a few of my friends about this blog. My hope is that I’ll gain some new friends in the blogosphere that share my love of crafts and have an active, ongoing dialogue with them. This feels a little like the first day at a new high school.
  • A note on privacy – The people I mention in this blog didn’t ask to be mentioned and perhaps aren’t aware of it, so I’ve changed their names. Fair enough?

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