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Yet More Learning

I’ve just finished the body of the Stilwell sweater (first mentioned in this post), but after much hemming and hawing I’ve decided to frog the whole thing. Why? I noticed that stockinette started to pucker at the transition from the colorwork band to the plain body section.

See what I mean?

I should have stopped to check the gauge of both sections, but did I? NO. I decided to ignore it and press on – “it’ll work itself out in blocking.” Now I’m quite sure that’s not true. I finally measured the gauge:

Colorwork band = 21.3 sts / 4 inches

Stockinette body = 18.7 sts / 4 inches

They should both be 19 sts / 4 inches. Clearly, my colorwork is MUCH tighter than it should be!  I went into this project knowing it would be a good learning experience (my first try at colorwork), and it is good to know that I tend to knit colorwork tighter, but I’m pretty sick of frogging this sweater. I think I’m going to take a break and move on to something a bit less frustrating. I’m sure I’ll come back to it soon, though. I love the pattern and the yarn.


My Lesson in Colorwork

A couple weeks ago, I started working on the Stilwell sweater by Jerod Flood (Brooklyn Tweed), because it’s cute and it seemed like a nice, gentle introduction to colorwork sweaters. I decided to use the Knit Picks City Tweed HW I had brought with me from the US, since I’d lugged it all this way. Unfortunately, the two colors I brought made for horrible colorwork – there just isn’t much contrast between the two, even though one is quite a bit darker than the other.

Seems like there should be plenty of contrast, right?

And yet, not so much. The Lesson: make a colorwork swatch before you launch into a project to make sure your colors are compatible!

I ripped out the colorwork portion and substituted the dark green for navy blue Malabrigo worsted I also had in my stash. It’s a bit lighter weight than the beige yarn, but not too dissimilar.

Much better! I’m very happy with how this color combo has turned out. The City Tweed has quite a bit of merino in it, so the Malabrigo (100% merino) continues the feel of the beige yarn.

The project is Raveled here. Lesson learned, now back to knitting!

Not Meant to Be

I brought my remaining balls of yarn and the portion I had knit to the lab today and weighed everything. As a side note, weighing yarn in my lab is much like a game of hot lava in a playground; the yarn can only touch the paper towel-lined surface of the balance, anything else is certain death in lab stocked with chemicals (okay, I’m being dramatic – but still). Anyhow, the portion I had knit weighed 143 g, while the remaining yarn totaled 280 g. Given that I’ve knit approximately 1/4 of the garment, I don’t have quite enough yarn to finish. Bummer!

Alas, my Vine Yoke Cardigan is not meant to be – at least not with this yarn. That said, I still LOVE the pattern and want to knit one someday.Thanks to each of you who commented on Yesterday’s post for your helpful / thoughtful / encouraging words!

Now to choose another project for this yarn…

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